custom home building

Custom Homes

Building your dream home or camp can be overwhelming. Here are a few simple steps to get you moving in the right direction.

Our Certifications

Tarion Certified


Set Your

Understanding what you have available and are willing to spend on your dream is important. It establishes boundaries and helps everyone involved know if your dream can become a reality.


Create New

It cannot be emphasized enough that professionals need to be involved to put onto paper your vision. There are several local architectural firms who can sit down with you and develop what you are looking for. Contact us if you need a recommendation. We also have some ready-made house and camp plans available for your review.


Meet with an

Once you have your budget and plans it is time to talk. We can review your plans and budget and help bring the two together to make sure your dream can come true.

Custom Garage

Garage Builds

New garage builds are becoming more popular today as a multi-purpose space. From man cave to gym to even extra parking, we can help you through the process to add this space to your home. Review the steps above in regards to what you should be thinking about to get ready for this project.

Home away from home

Camp, Cottage, Cabin

Cottage, Cabin, Camp – whatever you call it, it is your “time to relax and decompress home away from home.” If you have the good fortune of finding the right spot to build your “time to get away from it all place” let us help you make this a reality.